Yamaha CS-700 Video Conferencing System for Huddle Rooms

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 Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System for Huddle Rooms (CS-700AV-NA)

Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System for Huddle Rooms

The Yamaha CS-700 Video Sound Collaboration System is an all-in-one, 1080p30 huddle room system designed to maximize common huddle rooms. It mounts right under your display, solving the problem of table space, and uses an ultra-wide 120° lens to capture all the participants within a 10' range, eliminating the need to continually pan throughout the room. The system also features a beamforming microphone array and 4-element speaker bar to ensure that everyone in the room can hear speakers clearly.

The Yahama CS-700 supports dual-display HDMI screen sharing via DisplayLink interface, using the same USB connection for both video and audio to reduce cable clutter. It also provides an SIP interface for call manager integration and offers comprehensive remote management support for IT departments.

Video Features

  • Due to the smaller size of many huddle rooms, participants are forced to sit close to displays and cameras. This requires panning of video cameras to see the whole room. The 120° ultra-wide-angle camera of the Yamaha CS-700 can capture all meeting participants in its field of view. Additionally, the high pixel count of the CS-700 helps to ensure that every expression of people within 10' of the camera is captured and seen.

Audio Features

  • The Yahama CS-700 features a beamforming microphone array that picks up every word spoken in the room and a four-element speaker bar delivers audio to the far end of the room. Combine that with renowned audio processing technology integrated in the CS-700 and you get a workflow with natural conversations taking place between the participants.

USB, Bluetooth, and SIP Support

  • The Yamaha CS-700 is the only needed communication device in the room. It supports business communication applications such as Microsoft Skype for Business, Google Chromebox for Meetings, BlueJeans, Zoom, GoToConference, Vidyo, and others. The CS-700 also provides a SIP interface to the corporate call manager, replacing the need for a separate conference phone in the huddle room. USB and SIP communications can be bridged by the CS-700, expanding communication opportunities even further. Bluetooth allows for fast and easy audio connections, instantly turning a mobile device or computer call into a conference call.

Wall Mount Capability

  • The Yamaha CS-700 is a wall mounted system, eliminating any need for table-top equipment in the huddle room. The wall mount is a simple installation and makes connecting the wires to the CS-700 easy by use of a special pivot design feature. If you can drill a hole, you can install the CS-700.

Remote Manageability Features

  • Managing up to hundreds of huddle rooms is a challenge for any IT department. The CS-700 enables remote monitoring and management of the units, as well as configuring units in bulk. Upgrade them remotely and automatically through the IP interface.

Collaboration Features

  • The Yamaha CS-700 supports DisplayLink to provide collaboration support in the huddle room. This allows sharing of up to two screens' contents on displays in the room using the same USB connection for video and audio, reducing the clutter and cables required on the huddle room table.

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