On-site status reports…on-the-fly collaboration with architects, building inspectors, and others.

Virtual communication technology can reduce downtime on a construction site through spontaneous, mobile-based collaboration with contractors, equipment providers, building owners…even financiers. Tools to share screens, documents, even blueprints or design guidelines can facilitate on-the-spot decisions and consensus.

As with any manufacturing environment, equipment breakdowns can halt progress in its tracks. Suddenly workers are workers idle and temporarily unproductive. Immediate teleconferencing consultations with equipment suppliers and maintenance experts can minimize these costly delays.

Video conferencing and collaboration solutions are no longer an afterthought in facility construction. It’s something that’s built into project planning and implementation. We have years of experience working architects and installation teams. We’re ready to talk with you about the best job site teleconferencing technology from Cisco® and Polycom® and how we can offer you the best pricing and support for those products.


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