6th Oct 2019

Why Your Company Needs Video Conferencing

Why Your Company Needs Video Conferencing

We know we talk a lot about video conferencing on our website. In fact, it’s pretty much all we talk about. But, there is good reason for that! It’s really important for your business to really understand the importance of video conferencing. Why is video conferencing so important or why should it be so important to your company? It’s really quite simple and it’s one primary reason – the world is changing. We live in a globalized economy and with that we have the ability to do business with someone on the other side of town or on the other size of the world. Modern communication tools, such as Zoom, allow teams to meet instantly and give your business the competitive advantage needed to compete in today’s business environment. Affordable and scalable video communications are not only possible but are now DIY – do you it yourself. No hassles or expense of the older generation technology. The tips and advice below can help your organization transform for the better.

The Workplace has Evolved

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that Millennial are the largest generation in the workplace today. They are fast paced. Entrepreneurial, and opportunistic. They love to learn, grow and experience things. They also don’t like restrictions. The Baby Booms and Gen Xers accepted restrictions and Millennial just don’t. They find ways around restriction. This has created a very different mindset for employers today. Millennial prefer face-to-face communication vs. audio only. Web conferencing applications, such as Zoom, provide Millennial's with the business tools they need to thrive.

The Speed of Business is Accelerating at Warp Speed

With the adoption of the internet and the globalization of our economy, business is changing at warp speed. Video conferencing has evolved, as well. The days of high cost and high overhead video conferencing systems are gone. You can equip a conference room for as little as $1500, compared to the $50,000 to $75,000 rooms of the past. It also gives you the opportunity to meet and collaborate spontaneously, eliminating the need for travel and speeding up business productivity. Most employees today agree that video meetings are more efficient than alternatives and build trust in working relationships.

Business Continuity

Video conferencing enables meeting to happen regardless of circumstances. Canceled flights, hurricanes, fires and traffic are all real events that aren’t predictable or controllable but can really hurt your business productivity and put employees at risk. In the past, these were missed opportunities, but now they are opportunities to meet via video conference and continue with your business objectives. The opportunity cost of a delay can be excruciating. Don’t take that risk…enable video conferencing.

Work Life Balance – Is it Really a Thing?

The idea of the office being the building you work in is becoming antiquated. Today’s workers don’t just respond to emails outside the traditional 8 to 5 hours, but they are expected to! Personal time is a blurry line. Remote workers are logged in an average of 4 additional hours per week. And, they don’t have the office distractions that can be time consuming and frustrating. However, it can be lonely and isolating working remotely. More and more companies are understanding the value of video conferencing for remote workers. It allows teams to stay connected and participate at a higher level.

As you can see, there are some great reasons for video conferencing. There are times when you need to be there in person. For everything else, there is video conferencing. Not sure what equipment you need for video conferencing? We’d love to help you figure it out. Give us a call or chat with us and we’ll find just the right solution for you.

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