Posted by Ben Guyer on 5th Dec 2019

Why Should You Add a Huddle Space to Your Business?

Why Should You Add a Huddle Space to Your Business?

When you think about a meeting you think a conference room and a speaker and sitting around a table listening. The Huddle Room is changing the meeting space from boring and old to new and engaging. I’ll go over some of the benefits of a Huddle Room.

Issues with Normal Meetings

During a 2017 study, it was found that the average executive spends about 23 hours a week in meetings. You might think that there is no issue with that if they are getting action plans together after the meetings. Research has shown that the traditional meeting is not as productive as you would think. A poll of 2,000 employees in Europe found that they believed that 56% of their meetings were unproductive. In early 2019 a company called Doodle went through data from around 19 million meetings by talking with employees from around the world. It was found that unproductive meetings were costing the UK economy almost 45 billion a year.

The Huddle Room idea is here to help solve some of the issues that the typical meeting scenario presents. The idea of the huddle room comes from the idea of a huddle in sports. When you get together with your team to strategize your next moves. In the business space a huddle is meant to be every morning and only last around 10-30 minutes. These meetings are lead by someone who will decide who speaks and who responds to make sure that everyone gets a chance to speak.

Here are some of the big reason why to implement a Huddle Space into your work environment:

  • -Improving your Bottom Line
  • -Boost Motivation/Morale
  • -Get Instant Updates from your Team
  • -Quick and Easy Troubleshooting
  • -Recruiting Tool
  • -Empowering your employees

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