8th Apr 2019

​What’s in a Name? Ensuring Your Meeting Space Names Reflect Who You Are

​What’s in a Name? Ensuring Your Meeting Space Names Reflect Who You Are

Today’s work culture is changing at lightning speed. As the collaborative work culture and open office concept evolves, you really need to think about your company’s values and brand. It’s not very excited to go to a meeting in ‘Conference Room 6’. That sets a very generic and lifeless tone to your meetings for internal employees, customers and partners. Giving your conference rooms and meeting spaces creative names that correlate with the tone of your office environment is quickly becoming the norm that creates a positive and productive work environment. It creates a tribe effect that people want to be part of.

Meeting Room Names Do Matter…and Here’s Why

Conference room and meeting space names add a unique personality to your work environment and they also foster a creative and collaborative environment. Names reflect the value of your workplace and set the tone for meetings. The naming process is a great way to engage your employees and have them buy in to the company culture even more. Here are a few reasons putting thought into your naming process matters.

It’s an Expression of Workplace Culture

In today’s super competitive job market, it can be challenging to attract top talent. Companies are putting many resources into creating an appealing culture for talent. Meeting space themes and names are a superb way to communicate your company’s special culture to job applicants, partners, customers and most importantly, your employees.

Names Can Set the Mood for Your Meetings

Conference room and meeting space names are a small, yet important detail in any office environment. However, the same naming convention is repeated all throughout the day and set the tone for your meetings. Having a more creative meeting room name can lead to a more productive flow of creative ideas and embody a more productive meeting experience.

They are Great Ice Breakers for Clients

A major challenge for a growing business is meeting new clients and trying to win their business. Having your prospects join you in conference room with a creative name is a great way to kick off a conversation and an opportunity to showcase your company’s culture and values. Rather being invited to ‘Conference Room 6’, imaging walking into ‘Captain Marvel’s Mission’ or ‘R2D2’. This would no doubt lead to lighthearted conversation and a fun conversation starter.

They Denote the Purpose of a Room

Conference room names are not only fun and inspiring, but they can be practical as well. Names could highlight a room’s function or purpose. For instance, large meeting rooms or board rooms could have grand names, while smaller huddle rooms may have names like ‘The Treehouse’ that imply smaller group collaboration. You can use décor and artwork in the meeting room to reinforce the theme of the room, as well.

How to Choose the Best Meeting Room Name

As you’re planning your meeting room space and naming, it’s good to keep in mind who will be invited into the space. Whether it’s an in person meeting or a video conference, the names should be a positive reflection of your company. It’s best to choose complimentary names that have a common underlying theme that’s simple enough for clients and guests to understand them and have a positive impression on your brand. It’s also important to make sure the theme is scalable so that as our company grows and meeting spaces are added, names can be added, as well.

Evaluate Your Company’s Values

Make a list of descriptive words and phrases that define your company’s values and then narrow down and eliminate any that seem odd or could convey a negative connotation until you find the theme that best matches your company’s culture.

What Image Do You Want to Project

Names can provide visual images that are memorable. It’s important to consider what sets you apart as a company and what keeps your clients coming back. The right meeting room name can reinforce the most positive aspects of your company and serve to remind your customers why they chose you, as well as creating a positive work environment for your employees.

Where Are You Going?

Conference room names can pay homage to your humble beginnings and be a vision to help reinforce your company goals. Deciding on a theme that addresses your company’s past, current driving force and future goals can inspire employees and give your customers a personal connection to the history of your company. This will also keep your company’s mission and goals top of mind.

Involve your Employees with an Office Poll

It’s a great team building exercise to involve the entire office in determining your conference rooms theme. Host a brainstorming session or have a suggestion box to get a pool of iteas. Once you narrow them down, have a voting session. To sweeten the deal and make it more fun, you can offer a reward for the employee who submits the winning theme.

What’s Your Competition Doing?

Coming up with the perfect naming system or theme for your meeting rooms that perfectly encapsulates your brand can be overwhelming. Look to other companies in your industry and well-established brands for a little inspiration. For instance, we are a Colorado based company, so our conference rooms are named after mountain ranges. Our runner up theme was microbreweries.

Don’t Forget the Important Part

In addition to coming up with creative meeting room names, it’s important to outfit your rooms with the best technology. The VideoConference Store offers the leading meeting room hardware and software to showcase your business and allows you to make an unrivaled impression with each and every conversation. You can choose solutions for your Medium and Large Conference Rooms, Huddle Rooms, and Training and Classrooms. You can also choose solutions based on the web conferencing software you use, such as Skype for Business, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoToMeeting and many more.

Naming your meeting rooms may seem like a small thing, but it really showcases your company’s culture. These names are continuously repeated and could very well be the first interactions of a potential client or employee., but it speaks volumes about your company’s brand and culture. The names are repeated multiple times a day and may be the very first interaction a potential client or employee has with your company. The conference room name sets the tone for meetings, while the video conferencing solutions make the meetings effortless. Together you get a productive meeting experience that lets you present your business in the best light possible. Want to chat more? Please email us or give us a call.  

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