19th Nov 2019

What is a Zoom Room?

What is a Zoom Room?

In today's world you can have a meeting face to face with just the click of a button. The most efficient companies have already seen the benefits that a Zoom Room can provide. With this information, what defines a Zoom Room?

Let’s start with what Zoom is. Zoom is a conferencing software that is compatible with smartphones, laptops, computers, many mobile devices, and the Zoom Room.

The 2019 State of Video Conferencing reported that many businesses chose Zoom based on how quick and easy it is to setup along with how friendly the interface is to users. The Zoom software can be purchased with many different package models and prices. This can include calendar integrations and scheduling, videoconferencing, screen sharing and recording, and more. The main components of this software are Zoom Rooms and Zoom Meetings.

Zoom Rooms

Zoom Rooms include the physical conference room hardware and software the makes the meeting more efficient and simpler. The setup is extremely simple all it takes is the press of a button on the included tablet and the meeting can be started. The audio and video components are included in the equipment that comes with.

Zoom Meetings

This is Zoom’s main product. Meetings are an online software that allows the participants to join for free as long as they have the necessary software installed. The user can join from their mobile device or computer from anywhere.

To compare the two, Zoom Meetings is an available software to purchase and start using immediately while Zoom Rooms are a physical setup that can aid in using the Zoom Meetings software. The Zoom Room offers a one-click meeting start, seamless screen sharing, and much more.

Setting up a Zoom Room is quick and simple. The only things that are needed are a computer, a microphone, a computer to run Meetings, a display with a large screen, a touch controller such as an iPad, and the conference camera and speaker.

Whether you need a complete Zoom Room hardware setup or just a few components to finish out what you need for your Zoom Meetings, we have what you need.  Check out our Zoom Room Kits here.  We also have cameras, microphones and many more accessories.  Not sure what you're looking for?  No worries!  Just give us a call at 303-932-2411 or send us a quick email.  We'd love to help you with the right solution for your space.

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