Posted by Tim Evans on 18th Dec 2019

What is a Zoom Room?

With Zoom Rooms being so popular and talked about in today’s meeting space, let’s talk about what exactly a Zoom Room is. First off, Zoom is a cloud based conferencing software that will allow you to connect to people all over the world. To use it you need a couple of different things. You will need a subscription to Zoom, download the software, a license to operate the software, and the hardware capable of running it.

Zoom will make accessing and scheduling your meetings streamlined and efficient. Zoom can connect to your calendars and automatically import the meetings to your calendar so that you don’t miss them. It can reduce the travel costs that you might be having since you no longer have to travel worldwide to communicate effectively with your remote teams.

Zoom itself does not have any hardware. It is just the software that you use to hold your meetings. Zoom software will come natively integrated on some systems but not all. Some hardware will also not come with the license you need to run it as well. This is important information that you need to be aware of when purchasing a Zoom kit or a Zoom advertised product. For example the Poly G7500 is natively integrated with Zoom software. But, more often than not, the hardware will not have the Zoom software pre-installed. Any hardware that is advertised as a Zoom system will be able to run Zoom with everything you need.

Zoom also allows for digital signage. So, when the room isn’t being used you can display your company name or whatever you would like on the display. It supports an unlimited number of systems so you can have signage almost anywhere you would like. It is pretty basic in feature and is very user friendly and easy to figure out.

Zoom will be able to support you with anything you need from their support services. This comes with any license you buy. Support is available 24/7, and support is expert level.

For any other questions you have about Zoom Rooms or to get an order started, please feel free to reach out any time by email or phone and we will be happy to assist you with whatever you need.

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