15th May 2019

Redefining How We Work

Redefining How We Work

Today’s workforce looks nothing like it did just five short years ago. The workplace as we once knew it is going through a drastic overhaul and it’s going to continue to change. The days of closed-door office with white painted walls and simple amenities has been interrupted with colorful creative spaces and trendy furniture that’s designed around tasks, not job titles. This modern workplace is setup to foster team collaboration and brainstorming any time of day, not just during a scheduled meeting.

Desks Are Moving

If you’d have been asked to describe your typical workplace ten year ago, you’d most likely say it was a purpose defined building where you would do your daily commute, complete an 8-hour day, then commute back home. You would have had some scheduled team meetings, maybe a few schedule client meetings, some office time to work on individual projects, read and respond to email, and maybe a chat around the water cooler. That schedule now seems laughable. The building you go to may be the same, but your workplace has been completely redefined by digital technology, an ever-changing workforce, and overall change in the types of jobs that people are doing. Computers and technology have changed and will continue to change our workforce. You no longer ‘need’ an office because ‘have laptop, will travel.’ Our workforce has become mobile…for at least part of their work week. Progressive employers are giving their teams options of working remotely, saving the bosses money and giving employees the time back in their day that it takes to commute to the office. These same employers are seeing increased productivity and happier employees.

Meeting Spaces

Just as the employees of the workplace are modernizing, so are the spaces they meet in. Even with the rise of remote workers, meeting spaces are still critical to business productivity. Humans were created to be social, so the evolution of meeting spaces is critical to the modern workforce. Unified communications, web conferencing specifically, keeps people in a face to face environment. Progressive employers are devoting resources to virtualization of these new workspaces. Building creative huddle rooms with high end video conferencing system designed for those spaces from brands like Logitech, AVer, and Polycom. Zoom Rooms are becoming the new norm for collaboration. Cisco’s Webex is being implemented at smaller companies, not just across large enterprises. Solutions, such as RingCentral, are being implanted as full voice and video solutions for companies of all sizes giving employees tools that seemed futuristic just five short years ago. The new rule of thumb for companies is to create digital meeting spaces that allow their teams to engage quickly to achieve desired business outcomes. No longer do you have to be an executive or at C-Level to be in a formal video conference in a conference room that’s used 4 times a year and was a $50,000 capital expenditure for the company. Now, a company can have many on demand video conference spaces with feature packed video conferencing systems at a fraction of the board room spaces.

It’s All About Productivity

According to the CFO Survey Europe Report, ‘Employees are 15% more productive when they have control over their environment.’ Smart and inviting workplaces can improve the impact a company has on their employees. Smart companies are adopting the concept of small, focused teams for focused productivity over the larger teams of the past. This creates the need for spontaneous collaboration spaces where teams can quickly gather for brainstorming and include their remote team members. This is where video conferencing provides the functionality needed for these teams to advance. These smaller, focused teams are creating new jobs that require creative intelligence. This is the evolution of the workplace….and people are loving it! These new jobs

How Can You Move in This New Direction?

Two words…Huddle Rooms. These small spaces are the superheros and work horses of the modern workforce. And, most importantly they are very simple to implement. You’ll want to keep it simple and fun and create spaces that inspire collaboration. Frost and Sullivan report that 67% of all video conferencing deployments will be Huddle Rooms by 2020. Don’t wait to jump on the bandwagon, get a head start. Your teams will thank you. However, it’s not just about creating fun spaces with quirky furnishings. You’ll want the right collaboration tools and technology to get your workforce moving in a productive direction. The VideoConference Store team can help you configure just the right solution. Give us a call or contact us for a complimentary professional consultation.

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