19th Mar 2019

Polycom and Plantronics Together Now as Poly

Polycom and Plantronics Together Now as Poly

The way we work has changed drastically over the past several years and is continuing to change at a rapid pace. The transformation of mobility and cloud communications is thrusting the way employees work to new levels. Two giants in the communications industry, Plantronics and Polycom, announced a merger in 2018 and have been busy integrating the companies into one powerful company and have just announced the final step in that collaboration.

Polycom and Plantronics have just announced that they are now Poly. This new company brings the power of their history together and some of the benefits to you are:

Making workspaces intuitively work for everyone

Poly offers solutions to address the audible distractions of today’s open workspaces and has technologies that create powerful huddle rooms.

Helping collaboration

Employees are now using three or more collaboration solutions every day and Poly has the endpoints that work across all of those solutions.

Designing mobile-first solutions for today’s modern workforce

Today people are using personal devices as work devices and vice versa. Devices have a personal and business blend and workers need voice and video capabilities that move with then. Poly has a wide array of solutions that fit that mold and it will become the new normal for Poly.

Poly sees the potential in creating solutions for how people collaborate and communicate. Advancements in Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and other emerging technologies are leading with way for Poly’s product development. The future is bright for Poly.

You can rest assured that your current and legacy Polycom devices and solutions are still supported. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how Poly could affect you, give us a call.

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