7th Aug 2019

Minimize Meeting Mishaps with the New Logitech Tap

Minimize Meeting Mishaps with the New Logitech Tap

Just a few minutes of video conferencing mishaps can delay days of production.  A little math can get you there, but those wasted minutes when connections break, or windows will not open, and attendees get confused with the menu can destroy your video conferencing experience.

Tech hazards and confusion can be enough to keep your employees leary of video conferencing. That is why the video conferencing industry has worked diligently to make the process easier and more accessible to companies and their employees.  For most of the time, we have seen bulky hardware systems on site that have paved the wave for more stream-lined cloud based systems. IT dependent hardware has been replaced by one-touch control hubs. Thankfully, on site meetings have expanded to smartphones and laptops.

Logitech has advanced technology to a single-finger ease. Its new touch control display, named TAP, lets you control your conference room. From the whiteboard to the video connection with just one touch.

But there is only one problem which may or may not affect you. This system may be the easiest way to create a call, but it might not improve the quality of the video conference.

Seconds Count When it Comes to Video Conferencing.  TAP is simple and makes video more accessible and allows more customers to use this system. What is good is that it helps the pain points of launching a video call relatable to customers.

Recent research shows that five lost minutes could lead to 24 hours of lost productivity. Let’s look at the following:

  • According to research the average employee makes 26 video calls a month
  • 5 potential lost minutes during the calls could lead to 130 lost minutes each month
  • Those wasted minutes could amount to 26 hours of lost productivity

This is not directly a cause and effect scenario, but it does highlight how much waste is accumulated by something as simple as not starting a meeting on time due to lack of adequate video conferencing equipment.

Logitech TAP is made to win back those lost hours and make video conferencing easy and user friendly. Everyone will have a seat at the table.

Tap is essentially a fancy remote control for video conferencing that resembles an iPad. Technically, it's a USB attached AV controller capable of interactions with video and other video conferencing platforms and accessories, like whiteboards. There are video conferencing kits featuring the Tap that can be used with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, and Google conferencing platforms and can be paired with hosts of other AV systems.

TAP is a direct cousin of the SmartDock control hub that Logitech previously launched a few years back. They partnered with Microsoft’s Skype Room System, but this system goes just a few steps beyond by taking control of the in-room technology that has previously been unattainable.

This type of control has been well maintained with the video conferencing world, where the main goal has been to strive for the all in one video conferencing system. The main goal for a single device has everyone striving to find what will work for most companies and will be cost effective.

Logitech’s goal is to deliver this without cables and racks a clutter and complicated hardware. It is looking like it will achieve this goal. It will bring the most accessible video conferencing controller to date. We cannot wait till we can call lights, camera, action.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

If your teams are losing critical minutes, as discussed above, to the initial meeting startup, then Tap is what you need. Just to be clear, if establishing connections and sustaining it without dropouts, TAP may just be a nice distraction from what is causing your infrastructure problems. A way to solve this problem is to create an infrastructure overhaul with cameras, broadband capacity, video platform, and other things to improve the integrity of video calling.

TAP seems like to could be a good solution to the video conferencing scenario. It seems as those if the right hardware and cloud-based software are in place, it appears to be a great way to control the situation. If they are not in place, then it could cost your company money and production. 

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