Posted by Tim Evans on 21st Nov 2019

Logitech Rally Leading the Pack in Video Conferencing Cameras

Logitech Rally Leading the Pack in Video Conferencing Cameras

Logitech’s Rally is a standalone video conferencing camera. It’s filled with new advanced optics and breakthrough technology; this camera is the standard for performance for any meeting space.

This camera is a modular system that includes a 4k PTZ camera, microphone pod, a separate speaker and two hubs. One of the hubs is used to connect the microphones and a PC or laptop while the other is for connecting the speakers and display. The Rally was designed for large meeting rooms or classrooms that can hold up to thirty people. The well-designed camera can be used in many ways to fit your needs. The Rally can be positioned on a table, mounted on a tripod or secured to a wall with the included hardware. It also can be mounted to the ceiling and will automatically detect the orientation that is needed for the picture to be perfect.

The Rally is the standard in the Logitech camera family which includes the Logitech group systems, Logitech MeetUp, and the Logitech BCC950. One of the main features of this system is the emphasis it put on video rather than audio conferencing in large spaces. The idea of all the meeting participants sitting around one phone in the middle of the table is a thing of the past. Video conferences have revolutionized the meeting space and allowed for more productivity and interaction between users worldwide.

The Rally is modular and versatile to fit your exact specifications. It can support up to seven microphone pods that each have four microphones in the unit. This allows the speakers voice to be isolated and cancel background noise out of the audio. This 4k camera can zoom up to 15x and low-light features that are stellar. The remote that controls the camera uses RF rather than infrared line of sight technology. The Rally solution uses two hubs that are connected via a single Cat6 cable. The hub that’s located on the table features a USB, HDMI-in and LAN capabilities. The display hub features connections for USB, HDMI-out, USB-C for the camera, and multiple speaker connections. The included speaker is a bar shaped unit and typically sits beneath the display that gives the meeting a central focus point.

The Rally features innovative technology, called RightSense technology. This is an intelligent software that is capable of automating the settings for light, color, sound and camera. This is made up of three main components: RightSight, RightLight, and RightSound. RightSight will automatically adjust to the speaker eliminating the need for manual control. Rightlight will adjust the light balance along with color and fade. RightSound will improve the clarity of the speakers voice by suppressing the background noise in the room and focus on the active speaker.

The Rally camera is available in many configurations and can be purchased by itself or included in a kit. For the best recommendation for your needs, feel free to contact us at anytime with any questions or concerns that you have about adding this camera into your meeting space.

Check out our Logitech Rally Video Conferencing Room Kits for Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and more.  If you need some expert advice on the right solution for your space, chat with us below or give us a call at 303-932-2411.

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