18th Aug 2019

Create the Ultimate Conference Room by Using These 4 Simple Tips

Create the Ultimate Conference Room by Using These 4 Simple Tips

What would you do if you were given an unlimited budget to create the video conference room of your dreams?  You might not have spent a great deal of time thinking about this. But that is what we are going to dive into. When designing a room, the emphasis should be on the conference and not the room. Most companies are limited by space so keeping that in mind will help create the perfect dream conference space.

To set the framework, the layout of the conference room is the most important consideration. If you are striving for a company that values transparency and inclusivity, you will not want a dark and windowless conference room. In the perfect world, the design should reflect those values. When designing the space think about visibility for all users, acoustics and connectivity. Design with productivity in mind. Let’s look at how to accomplish this.

Four Conference Room Design Tips for a Productive Workplace

In today’s workplace the demand for the ultimate meeting space is crucial. If given the opportunity to redesign or even create a new space think beyond tables and chairs. Design the space with technology in mind. Here are 5 tips that will help create a productive environment.

1. High-Quality Audio and Video Equipment

Investing in an up to date system is a must have. It should not only be the latest tech but easy to configure and operate. Connectivity and resolution issues most often can derail a meeting so purchasing a system that is powerful are important. When your equipment fails often, has consistent connection problems you are not going to be able to use your meeting space efficiently. We have several kits that would be a dream for any space.  Check them out here

2. Personal Space

One of the most uncomfortable situate is to walk into a conference room with fifteen people and it was built for five. You do not want your team to have to figure how not to bump into each other. You want their focus to be on the meeting and not fighting for elbow room. Find a space that will accommodate the maximum number of people for one meeting then furnish is accordingly. Think about your staff and make them feel special by purchasing comfortable chairs and tables.

3. Natural Lighting

Florescent lighting is the death of office spaces. If you want your staff to feel comfortable and productive natural light is a must have for any dream video conference space. Natural lighting opens the space and makes the room feel bigger. It will also encourage brainstorming and creativity. Just a little sunlight will help team members grow and produce their best ideas.

4. Know your audience

If you want to include clients in your meetings that will be held in the conference rooms, it is of vital importance to make them feel comfortable as well. When looking at design elements for the space make sure to consider their needs or expectations. It might also be important to consider their geographical location and culture as well. This will only enhance their experience with your company.

Clearly no two companies will have the exact same needs and opinions will vary when it comes to the ideal conference room. These tips are just a starting point in beginning to design a space that works for you. But now you have a better sense of what to anticipate when determining the elements for your space. Try out these strategies and see if you can build a solid conference room that will enhance your business to the next level.

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