29th Aug 2019

​5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Huddle Rooms

​5 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Huddle Rooms

We have all been witness to one of those conference room mishaps—two competing groups huddled outside the only company conference room arguing about scheduling conflicts. This problem happens all too often when there is only one space dedicated for conference meetings. To be successful, most companies need a large space that is able to accommodate major meetings like customer presentations, employee meetings, and board meetings. But the growing need for rooms that will accommodate smaller parties that might often need to meet with remote sites it more evident that companies should invest money and space into creating ideal meeting areas.

The solution is to establish a series of smaller meeting areas commonly referred to as Huddle Rooms. What is a huddle room? One of the main benefits is they allow smaller groups meet away from the distractions of the main office space. This is a brilliant solution to meet the needs of small groups. It is easy to set up and can be established in multiple areas throughout the building. They also encourage engagement with all members and can accommodate geographically distributed teams. Most importantly they are inexpensive and easy to set up. All that is needed is the following:

  • TV, LCD or LED monitor
  • microphone
  • a content sharing component
  • a table for sitting or standing
  • interactive or regular whiteboard
  • chairs

Many companies are discovering Huddle Rooms to be the ideal solution to keep conference room traffic jams a thing of the past as well as allowing staff to conduct business more efficiently.

Here are five reasons why you should consider making a Huddle Room a part of your business:

Intimate Spaces

One of the most harmful things to productivity and collaboration is noise and distractions. Huddle Rooms solve this problem by creating a quiet space for small groups to have intimate conversations without interruptions.

Requires no Reservations

The most productive meetings often come from spontaneous collaborations, but it can often be hard to do given the limitations of availability. Often you will have to book a conference room two weeks in advance. This does not allow for engagement and collaboration. Huddle Rooms are small spaces and companies can install many throughout the building which will allow for impromptu meetings.

More with Less

Unlike the atmosphere of an executive conference room, Huddle Rooms allow for a more flexible approach to getting work accomplished in a less formal environment. This is a magnet for millennials that are looking for a collaboration sanctuary. But these room are not less than superior. They are excellent for handling webinars, job interviews, sales presentation and so much more. There small size also makes them extremely affordable and cost significantly less to outfit than large conference rooms and often offer five times the productivity potential.


With the increasing numbers of workers working remotely, the need for spaces where off-site workers can connect with their team is more crucial than ever. Advances in tablet technology as well as smartphones means that more people are on the move, especially during office hours. Allowing the ability for teams to meet quickly for a team meeting or problem-solving session in a Huddle Room with off-site members is critical for productivity.


With the ever tightening of budgets, a Huddle Room or several is an expensive way to bring your company’s productivity to an all-time high. Advanced technology makes outfitting several small rooms extremely affordable. This levels the playing field and smaller companies may now have the same communication capabilities as the large companies.

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